About the Center

«MICROELEMENT» Scientific and Medical Center

Innovative medical center founded in 1998 by a team of experienced clinical physicians. We provide comprehensive medical services based on the proprietary study of the body macro- and microelement composition. The efficiency of this approach was proven by the modern practice of the developed countries and wide clinical base of our medical center – we have helped about 14,000 patients.


Microelements and Health

A human body includes eighty-one macro- and micro-elements. Imbalance of any of these elements may result in a diseases. Microelement Scientific and Medical Center studies the patient’s elemental portrait in order to identify the causes of the diseases and the patient’s propensity to certain pathologies. This diagnosis procedure is referred to as the Body Mineralogram Study by the Hair or Nail Test (IMOPAVIN, in English literature Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, HTMA). Based on the mineralogram data the Center experts will make up a statement and prescribe a therapeutic or preventive-treatment course. The test biosubstrate is the patient’s hair or nails.

“Mineral substances are even more important than vitamins because a living matter may produce a lot of vitamins but cannot produce the necessary minerals and remove toxic substances” – Henry A. Schroeder, MD


About the Laboratory

We use the most state-of-the-art equipment and most reliable and trustful test methods.





 Rustembekova Saule Absattarovna,Chief Medical Officer of Microelement Scientific and Medical Center, MD, Professor


Zemskov Vladimir Mikhaylovich, immunologist, MD, Professor


Altayeva Aleksandra Andreyevna, Dermatologist/ Venerologist, MD


Teplyuk Darya Andreyevna, therapist

Reshetnnikova Oksana Vladimirovna

Reshetnnikova Oksana Vladimirovna, medical psychologist

Why us?


Ten reasons why it is our medical center that you should choose to solve your health problems. Also, the main items to be focused on when providing hair or nails for the tests at other medical institutions.


Patents and Awards


Диплом-Минздрав-РФ-2005  Патент-Состав-для-лечения-дисбактериоза  Патент-Способ-определения-макро--и-микроэлементного-баланса-в-организме  Патент-Щитовидная-железа


Partnership and Training


  • Microelement Scientific and Medical Center actively develops the partnership network all over Russia and outside it, besides we implement a wide program of professional training.
  • Microelement SMC provides training of physicians and general public for subsequent cooperation.