About the Center

“Microelement” Scientific and Medical Center is one of the pioneers in the development of macro- and microelement therapy and diagnostics in Russia. The Center was founded in 1997 by doctors who had previously worked and conducted clinical trials at the “Element” Scientific and Medical Center in Moscow.


In 1998, the founder of the Center, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Saule Rustembekova created and patented along with her associates the author's method for diagnosing the health status of human body based on the analysis of macro- and micro-element composition of hair or nails, and at a later stage, a few more methods for prevention and treatment of various diseases associated with micro- elements.


The Center's specialists are actively developing and implementing an innovative direction in the molecular medicine – microelementology in Russia. The microelementology is based on the diagnosis and correction of mineral metabolism in the human body using a body mineralogram study by testing hair or nails (IMOPAVIN), as well as personalized wellness programs that improve the health status of human body and help it come through various diseases.


Today, “Microelement” Scientific and Medical Center provides a full-service support for a patient on his/her way to recovery, which includes three stages.


The first stage: diagnosis of macro-microelement balance. It allows identification of the root causes of diseases at the molecular level. This is the broadest and expanded study on the mineral metabolism in a patient's body (it includes a 70-element test), it is unrivaled throughout Russia.


The second stage: treatment. According to the findings of the study of the elemental profile of a patient, the clinical physicians of the Center prescribe a highly individualized treatment with the use of element-containing and medicinal products, recommendations on diet and lifestyle.


The third stage: support. After a course of therapy prescribed by the Center's specialists is completed, each patient has the opportunity to undergo a "control" diagnostic test on preferential terms. We've got an advice and support helpline for our clients who underwent diagnostics. In addition, each patient has the opportunity to make an appointment at a substantial discount.


“Microelement” Scientific and Diagnostic Center for Molecular Medicine offers not only diagnostics and treatment, we guarantee support to our clients. We are committed to a comprehensive approach to health problems.