Clinical physicians of our center are always ready to meet you, study your case in details, hold comprehensive diagnosis and prescribe efficient therapy.

The aid to our patients is based on the unique treatment methodology developed using the IMOPAVIN revolutionary diagnosis methodology. Our experts are actively involved in the research activities.

Disease efficient treatment using modern medical knowledge is the medical credo of Microelement Scientific and Medical Center.


Rustembekova Saule Absattarovna, Chief Medical Officer of Microelement Scientific and Medical Center, MD, Professor, highly skilled clinical physician, author and title-holder of four patents for the for the unique method of the human body mineralogram study, author of numerous publications, books and monographs on this topic. Saule Absattarovna is a doctor with thirty-year clinical practice of the patient treatment.

Saule Absattarovna graduated from Alma-Ata Medical Institute in 1986 (with honors) majoring in General Medicine.

In 1986–1988 she took a clinical residency course at the Alma-Ata Institute of Endemic Pathology, major – Toxicology.

In 1988 –1991 she worked as a resuscitationist-cardiologist at the Intensive Care Unit of the Emergency Ambulance Hospital. She knows modern methods of diagnosis, intra-esophageal electrophysiology study, decoding of ECG, X-Ray images, respiratory function tests, Body Component Composition Study.

In 1991 – 1995 she took a post-graduate course of Arterial Hypertension Department of the Institute of Clinical Cardiology of the Clinical Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, she wrote the thesis based on two institutes (Institute of Clinical Cardiology of the Clinical Scientific Center and Institute of Clinical Endocrinology of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences). She successfully defended the thesis on two majors: CARDIOLOGY and ENDOCRINOLOGY.

Since 1980 she has been actively involved in research activities –she has over 50 publications in citable journals, 4 patents, 1 monograph, 2 tutorials. One of her first works (1980) is Toxic Effect of Lead in Alma-Ata on the Human Body.

In 1986 – 1988 she conducted research activities at the clinical laboratory on the impact of phosphorous production on the human digestive system.

Since 1986 she has been using NATURAL ORIGIN preparations for the treatment of internal organ pathology (proposed methods for the treatment of different pathologies). Patent for the Invention on the method of diagnosis and treatment of thyroid dysfunction and mineral disturbances was granted.

In 1997 the patent for invention on the diagnosis method of mineral metabolism dysfunctions was received. In 1998 the method of the Body Mineralogram Study by the Hair or Nail Test (IMOPAVIN, in English literature Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, HTMA) for the mineral metabolism correction in the human body was implemented. In 1997 – 2006 she performed research on dermatoses and gastrointestinal microbiocenosis in the Medical Cytology Problem Research Laboratory of the Russian Medical Academy of Post-University Education. Patent for invention on the method of dermatoses, dysbacteriosis and mineral disorders was granted. Currently she is involved in the development of pathogenetical therapy of autoimmune thyroiditis based on the present-day diagnosis methods. Rustembekova S.A. teaches post-graduate students in cooperation with the Department of Engineering and Ecological Geology of the Faculty of Geology of Moscow State Lomonosov University

In 2011 she successfully defended the doctoral thesis in medicine in the area of GERONTOLOGY and GERIATRICS at Moscow Branch of the State Budget-Funded Educational Institution N.I. Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University of the Ministry of Health-Care of Russia “Scientific and Clinical Center of Gerontology”. In December 2013 she was admitted to the honorary title of Professor.

Rustembekova S.A. is a participant on international conferences and forums. She constantly improves her professional level. She is involved in teaching activities, supervises post-graduate students’ research.

Total clinical job record: 28 years