Why us?

Nowadays, the medical service market is overfilled with various proposals. It makes the selection of the clinics for the solution of health problems and disease prophylaxis an extremely uphill job. For your convenience we have made up a list of ten reasons why you should choose our particular clinics on your way to health and longevity.


1. We, represented by our Chief Medical Officer – Ms. RUSTEMBEKOVA Saule Absattarovna – are sole title-right holders for Patents RU Nos. 2129426 (“Method for the determination of macro and microelement balance in the body”), 2166321 and 2229711. These patents legally states our monopoly rights for the method of the body diagnosis by the microelemental analysis of hair and nails as well as state-of-the-art methods of treatment of different diseases in Russia and the CIS. All the other companies involved in the commercial activities in this area must receive our official permit for the use of our method!


2. Principal conceptual difference: we do not only correct the mineral metabolism but treat various diseases, including by means of the mineral metabolism correction. We have strictly individualized approach to each patient and we offer a new health concept.


3. Our report to which several persons contribute is the most detailed and complete of all similar reports in the world. It contains 15-30 textual pages, including 5-10 diagrams, about 10 tables, etc.


4. Behind our report stands the doctor prescribing statement, clinical symptoms, required retro-studies, therapy, diet, mineral water, lifestyle and sanatorium treatment guidelines as well as food recipes recommended for each patient.


5. Nobody in the world provides so accurate and detailed symptoms with the assessment of the occurrence risk degree, as ourselves. We point out 4 reliable different degrees of the occurrence risk of a certain disease which allows our physician to prescribe a highly efficient treatment. Using other diagnosis methods we are constantly being convinced in the correctness of the prediction we make.


6. We offer the study on a very wide range of elements – including, on full macro- and microelemental portrait of the body, including 70 elements. Nobody, except us can conduct such studies.


7. We constantly update the normal values for the elemental composition of the hair and nails and present the results of these studies at dedicated international conferences.


8. To ensure a high reliability of the results we perform the test on three different instruments (atomic emission, mass-spectrometry, laser-induced), after which we combine the data received using a special methodology. No other methods or method combinations do not enable reliable analysis of the elemental composition of hair or nails!


9. We offer dynamic reports providing the comparison of the test results of the same patient at several stages of diagnosis and treatment. It enables reliable assessment of the patient’s state and efficiency of the therapy prescribed.


10. We do not produce our preparations so we are not patriots of any company. For this reason, consistently pursuing the ideology of non-aggressive therapy we recommend the treatment with the truly most efficient medicines.


What is wrong about our competitors?


Below are some results of the study of the documents on the hair studies provided by the patients who previously contacted our competitors. One should remember that, apart of other things, our competitors use the method we patented without our permit.


On the possibility and use of the Atomic Absorption (AA) method for the analysis of the hair elemental composition


Recently, some of our competitors began using the Atomic Absorption (AA) method for the hair analysis. The Atomic Absorption (AA) method is not suitable for the biological sample studies because the measurement process is sequential so a substantial quantity of the test material is required (substantially more than may be obtained by cutting a hair lock). In some aspects AA has significantly lower sensitivity than inductively coupled plasma atomic absorption spectroscopy (ICP AAS). The AA method as such may be used for the studies of the biological material. But currently it virtually is not used, provided there is choice between AA and AAS (the latter with inductively coupled argon plasma, ICP) for the said reasons.


The AA method has only one advantage: it is relatively cheap. The instrument costs about € 10k whereas atomic-absorption – ~ € 100k, and mass-spectrometer (Microelement Center uses both of the latter ones) is a lot more expensive ~ € 1 m. It should be especially pointed out that iodine (due to its volatility) and germanium (due to sulfur effect) in the hair cannot be measured using any of the 3 instruments! Some of our dishonest competitors conduct such measurements thus confusing their patients and, at least, prescribe medicines they do not need. Concerning the use of other methods for the elemental analysis, all of them (neutron activation, X-ray diffraction, etc.) have limitations, particularly, impossibility of identification of heavy metals, etc. So, throughout the world for the adequate evaluation of the elemental composition of the biological sample currently only inductively coupled argon plasma atomic absorption spectroscopy (ICP AAS) in combination with mass spectrometry used at Microelement SMC are applied. The cost price of this comprehensive study is higher than in case of AA, however only this case secures the accuracy of the result obtained.


On the set of the elements studied


The sets of elements offered for studies to the Microelement SMC studies have carefully been proven for a number of information value and assurance of high accuracy of the measurements. Some of our competitors offer the study of a set of 38 elements without studies of such important elements as bismuth and sulfur but study a lot of so-called “trace” elements being of low value (in this set).


On the Rated Values


Our center has been meticulously working on the information collection and update of all the admissible values for all the elements in question, the results of this study are regularly presented at different international conferences and published in scientific journals, used for the submission of patent applications, in our medical practice. We have convinced ourselves that a “simple” copy-pasting of the element content data taken from other countries ultimately results in the misinterpretation of the results obtained. Such thoughtless copy pasting results in such cases as identification of tin deficit by factor of tens of thousand times, which, in effect is not correct, etc.


On the Decoding Result Interpretation


For a number of years we have been conducting diagnosis work using different research methods, and not only of the hair elemental composition. So our interpretation is always specific and reliable. We point out not only clinical symptoms related to certain deviations for each specific element or each pair of elements but also dynamics of the state – degree of anxiety, prediction. It allows our physicians to treat our patients with a higher efficiency.