Microelement Scientific and Medical Center provides comprehensive services on the diagnosis, prophylaxis, treatment and support of the patients.


The diagnosis is aimed at the detection of the state of macro-/microelement balance in the body because the deficit or excess of vitally important and toxic elements quite often is the real cause of the diseases.


The treatment and prophylaxis are provided based on the unique proprietary methods. Provide a course of therapy with the prescription of medicines and mineral-containing preparations as well as guidelines on nutrition rules. It enables curing the existing maladies and preventing serious diseases and correction of the risk factors.


Post-therapeutic support means dynamic medical observation. Our patients can address their questions to the doctors over the telephone. Besides, if needed, the patient may book a personal appointment or take control tests with a significant discount.


Service Price This Section provides the prices for personal consultations, remote consultations, IMOPAVIN study (depending on the quantity of the elements in question), as well as other services provided at our scientific and medical center.