Correct and exhaustive diagnosis is the guarantee of efficient therapy. That is why we attach an exceptional importance to the diagnosis. For the study you need book an appointment over the telephone or online (for the booking form visit our web-site).


You can also take a remote study of your macro- /microelement balance. In this case you need to send us a lock of your hair by mail.

  • Macro- /Microelement Balance Study
  • Hair state analysis, including using a microcamera
  • Inoculation from the face skin and hairy part of the head
  • Hair Biochemistry Study
  • Test for Carbohydrates, Dysbacteriosis, Coprogram
  • Histology Test – identification of helminthic invasions
  • Body Component Composition Test
  • Microflora Test and Other Studies
  • Electrocardiogram and Holter Monitoring
  • Macro- /Microelement Balance Study

Study of macro-microelement balance

Basic study aimed at the identification of the cause of most diseases. It is also capable of showing hidden, not symptomatically obvious, health problems and propensity to different diseases.

It is conducted based on the analysis of different biosubstrates, as a rule, hair or nails, as the most adequate indicators of the state of the mineral balance of the entire body

IMOPAVIN - Body Mineralogram Study by the Hair or Nail Test. Studies macro-/ microelement balance of your body for the deficit or excess of the vitally important and toxic elements. The diagnosis result is the prescription of treatment using medicine treatment and diet guidelines based on the anamnesis.

IMOPAM, IMOPASK. In some cases it is necessary to study not only hair or nails but also urine and blood serum for macro- and microelements. The studies complying with these cases are referred to as Body Mineralogram Study by the Urine Test (IMOPAM) and Body Mineralogram Study by the Blood Serum (IMOPASK)

Hair State Analysis

In addition to the mineralogram studies and the test results, the root cause of your unhealthy hair problem may be identified using a special microcamera. The diagnosis is conducted by an experienced trichologist. The study will help determine the state of hair, determine the percentage ratio of the hairs of different thickness, etc. It will result in the prescription of therapy and guidelines on the hair recovery and care. The hair state study should preferably be periodic, especially, after receiving a mineralogram. In this case this study will help in the substantiation or update of the therapy strategy and tactics to obtain a more efficient and long-term result.

Inoculation from the face skin and hairy part of the head

Swab from the face skin and hairy part of the head followed by the inoculation study. The procedure enables extending other studies in order to conduct a more accurate diagnosis of the skin and hair diseases and, as a consequence, arrange a more efficient therapy later on.

Hair Biochemistry Study

An important study determining the level of adenosine triphosphoric acid (ATP). ATP is the substance contained in the organoids of the cells of the head skin and hair follicles which fuels the life-support processes – new molecule synthesis, metabolism, etc. The ATP deficit may result in the hair growth termination. The biochemistry study helps to see the processes of protein washout of the rods and assess the degree of the hair structure damage degree.

Test for Carbohydrates, Dysbacteriosis, Coprogram

The test is directed at the identification of the disorders in the digestive system and intestine. These disturbances are quite often root causes of a lot of diseases which later provoke skin and hair problems. That is why out Scientific and Medical Center pay great attention to the intestine study by means of feces analysis. The diagnosis is performed by the highest category scientist – MD, Professor.

Histology Test – identification of helminthic invasions

Helminth identification study Detection of helminthic invasions has become more and more topical in recent years, which is due to the use of raw seafood and fish (sushi, sashimi and other East-Asian cuisine dishes). Based on the test results the physician’s consultation is provided and the treatment is prescribed.

Body Component Composition Test

IMPENDANS – diagnosis which enables obtaining objective data of the body tissue composition: basic metabolism level, body weight index, waist/hips index, etc. Besides, the study has independent value in combination with the diagnosis of macro-microelement balance it helps identify the causes of excessive weight and metabolism disorders. Thus, people on diet should know what causes the body weight reduction: muscle mass reduction or fat tissue decrease. If the weight is reduced due to the muscle mass reduction, it is an evidence of incorrectly selected diet, later the person will gain even more weight at the expense of the fat tissue and the muscle mass will be hard to recover. Based on the study results the physician’s consultation with the therapy prescription and diet recommendations will be provided.

Microflora Study

Microflora study enables rather an accurate diagnosis of numerous diseases.

At our center the patients may undergo the following microflora studies

Mucous membrane microflora - mouth cavity, oral pharynx

Urine microflora;

Urogenital system microflora (in females).